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Board and Sled Steering Device for Improved Control

It is estimated that there are over 11 million skaters around the globe representing a market of almost $5 billion. The ski industry also represents a large clientele of over 10 million customers. However, both board sports and ski sports share in a deficiency of control. Every year thousands of people are injured in boarding and sledding accidents, and many of these accidents are caused by a vehicles’ inability to perform turns sharp enough to avoid obstacles. Addressing this need, the Board and Sled Steering Device for Improved Control allows for greater turning control and user customization leading to a decrease in turn-related accidents and higher user enjoyment. Utah State University is seeking a partner interested in commercializing a technology using the displacement of weight for steering.
Features and Benefits
  • Skateboards
  • Long boards
  • Mountain boards
  • Skis
    • Sleds
    • Disabled models
  • Greater turn-to-tilt ratio, allowing riders to more easily remain balanced and in control of the vehicle
  • Minimal moving parts design, allows for affordable production and purchase
  • Springs are adjustable, allowing for customization and customer satisfaction
  • Single or multiple wheel design, making it adaptable for a variety of uses
The Board and Sled Steering Device for Improved Control relies on weight displacement steering, a system comprised of a platform, swing arm perpendicularly attached to the platform, a spring system, rotating wheeled axle, and bevel gears that connect and form concurrent motion between the platform and the axle. Steering is activated through the displacement or transfer of weight causing the platform to tilt toward the desired steering direction.
Development Stage
Designed prototype under development.
Patent Pending
Glenn Whichard
Senior Commercialization Associate
Physical Sciences
(435) 797-9604
Reference: W11001