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Tensile/Compression Test Fixture with Submicron Tolerance

In the world of micro electromechanical systems (MEMS), devices continues to shrink. Demand for accurate and reliable performance modeling of small scale devices, in contrast, is growing. The need to understand the properties of materials on a small scale is important because the properties of micro-portions of material often differ from those of a larger specimen. Developed at Utah State University, a new fixture technology overcomes the problems previously associated with specimen preparation and gripping, applying forces, and measuring displacements or strains, while remaining adaptable to existing equipment. This new technology allows for testing of micro-materials without the purchase of expensive and specialized machines. The fixture allows for acceleration in understanding and development of microelectromechanical systems and materials.
Features and Benefits
  • Testing within submicron tolerances
  • Specifically, testing for:
    • Experimental solid mechanics
    • Microelectromechanical systems
    • Thin films
  • Ability to measure the mechanical properties of specimens whose minimum dimensions are on the order of micrometers, creating new research possibilities
  • Adaptable for use with existing test equipment, eliminating the need to purchase expensive new machines
  • Uses capacitive gauges allowing for extremely sensitive measurements and greater reliability, thereby increasing the efficiency and quality of gathered data
The fixture provides for tensile, compression, sheer, 3 and 4 point bend testing to submicron tolerances. The device also allows for placement of capacitive gauges very near the material to be tested, thereby reducing or eliminating miss measurements caused by deformation and tolerance in the test fixture.
Development Stage
The technology is currently being successfully utilized by researchers at Utah State University. We are seeking an experienced manufacture or distributer of materials testing equipment to license this revolutionary product.
Patent Pending
Glenn Whichard
Senior Commercialization Associate
Physical Sciences
(435) 797-9604
Reference: W09001