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Third Order Butterworth Filter

Electrical filters are an extremely integral part in the evolution of engineering, more specifically electrical engineering. Sales of global electronic components are expected to be over $169 billion by 2010. Demand for electronic components is primarily influenced by the prevalent conditions in end-use markets, which continue to grow. Researchers at Utah State University have identified the opportunity to develop a new third order Butterworth filter. Advantages of this new technology includes an improvement in the signal processing, with a maximum flat response in the pass-band; minimization of sensitivity to variability and ability to be constructed with less number of electronic components.
Features and Benefits
  • Electrical components for signal processing and conditioning applications in:
    • Aerospace
    • Video
    • Computers
  • Contains one operational amplifier, which reduces the complexity and number of components in the filter design (single value resistor-capacitor network)
  • Provides a smooth, monotonically decreasing frequency response, which improves precision and performance
  • Offers a minimal sensitivity to variability in filter components
  • Dramatically improves cost savings
  • Facilitates miniaturization
The new USU Butterworth filter offers a maximally flat magnitude response in the pass-band and reasonably steep rate of attenuation. The construction of a third order active Butterworth filter uses a single operational amplifier with an accompanying resistor-capacitor network. Flat pass-band frequency response, construction simplicity, and robustness with respect to uncertainties in the resistor-capacitor filter components, make this filter ideally suited for measurement anti-aliasing applications where multiple channels are simultaneously filtered prior to data sampling.
Development Stage
Multiple hardware realizations of the filter are constructed, tested, and evaluated.
Patent Pending
Glenn Whichard
Senior Commercialization Associate
Physical Sciences
(435) 797-9604
Reference: W08050