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Low-fat Cheese with Improved Meltability

In today’s food market, demand is high for low fat baking cheese that has superior melting and baking properties. Pizza itself is a $30 billion industry that accounts for 10% of US foodservice sales. Cheeses used for baking have typically included mozzarella-types, pizza cheese, cheddar-types and many others. Developed at Utah State University, this unique cheese making technology provides the food product manufacturer the benefit of a special low fat cheese having just the right amount of internal free oil present to prevent dehydration during heating, such as during rapid baking of a pizza in a forced-air convection oven. USU’s technology allows cheese manufacturers to meet the demand for low fat cheese having improved melting and baking properties. This invention will help companies capitalize on demand and become a leader in the supply of superior low-fat baking cheese.
Features and Benefits
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Pizza cheese
  • Pizza products
  • Any food product requiring baking of surface cheese
  • Low-fat cheese with improved melting characteristics which significantly increases product quality and taste due to reduced browning and burning
  • Low-fat cheese with improved cooking and baking properties that are superior to low-fat cheese products currently available
  • Greater visual and taste appeal
Utah State University’s low-fat cheese with improved meltability uses a new technique during the cheese making process. This process provides for uniform melting and less surface browning while baking. By the release of a thin layer of free oil onto the surface of the cheese prevents dehydration too quickly and allows the cheese to evenly melt without excessive browning or burning. This cheese product has a much greater visual and taste appeal to the consumer than with a conventional low-fat cheese.
Development Stage
Currently the process has been tested, proven, and used in a number of cheeses.
Patent Pending
US 6,113,953A
Berry Treat
Senior Commercialization Associate
Life Sciences
(435) 797-4569
Reference: W08041 (v5)