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Content Insertion Within a Router– Emergency Notification

Effective telecommunications capabilities are imperative for immediate warning and recovery efforts for serious disaster events, such as hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, mass shootings, amber alerts, terrorist attacks, and other emergency situations. As these situations typically occur unexpectedly, quick and pervasive warning mechanisms make a considerable difference between life and death. Emergency notification systems currently rely on limited distribution channels (e.g. radio and TV), despite the increasingly widespread use of technologies such as the Internet and email. Considerable opportunity exists to amplify current emergency notifications by utilizing these technologies. Addressing this critical safety and security need, a researcher at Utah State University has developed a software solution for inserting warning notifications (via text, pictures, etc.) into Internet traffic using hardware, such as a router, without altering the original message.
Features and Benefits
  • Emergency notification and information distribution systems
  • Communications systems
  • Law enforcement
  • Homeland security alerts
  • Weather and disaster related alerts
  • Amber alerts
  • Other security and emergency alerts
  • Secure and timely delivery of emergency information through multiple communication pathways, increasing recipient coverage
  • Targeted dissemination of information, increasing effectiveness of preparedness, or evacuation plans to specific groups
  • Tremendous software flexibility, narrowing dissemination of information on a national, state, regional, local, or international level
  • Exclusive Internet capability provides more accessibility to general public than with TV and radio
This software is installed in a router or other hardware capable of automatically inserting text, pictures, hypertext, or banners into a web page, email, text message, image, streaming video, or text document. The router reads the passing internet material, then it chooses the information that will be passed through to the next router and this pattern continues until the material selected or sent arrives at a computer. As the information is passed through the router the software will add the emergency notification text or graphic, not altering the original message. This simply adds a targeted text or information to the material that is traveling to a computer.
Development Stage
Patent Pending
Glenn Whichard
Senior Commercialization Associate
Physical Sciences
(435) 797-9604
Reference: W07013