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Discovery Chain- Educational Card Game Concept

An astonishing 85% of adolescent females do not eat enough calcium, according to the Centers for Disease Control, despite the risk of osteoporosis; additionally 1 in 3 American children born in 2000 will develop diabetes in their lifetime. Absent the benefits of healthy eating and exercise, youth are increasingly at risk for many other diseases. To help battle these worsening nutrition and exercise trends, a researcher at Utah State University has developed a new game concept– Discovery Chain - that makes it easy and enjoyable for youth to learn the benefits of healthy eating and weight management, among other concepts. While playing Discovery Chain, players build chains of cards that add up to a specific daily health goal, such as 1,000 mg of calcium or 500 kcal, taking into account cards that change the nature of the chain. Not only does the game build health education, but also critical thinking and math skills.
Features and Benefits
  • Key health and nutrition concepts
  • Classroom education, afterschool programs, clubs, 4-H & youth camps
  • Meets National Standard 14.2.3 for Food and Nutrition learning objective
  • Extension education workshops
  • Other general concepts related to numerical goals
  • Other games possible with cards: Matching/concentration and Spoons, etc.
  • Addresses timely issues that increases market acceptance for licensee
  • Utilizes picture-sort approach, which has tested effective in teaching and conducting surveys interactively
  • Unique game format easy to use for teaching a spectrum of concepts, thus highly potential for producing many diverse learning and training tools for licensee
Discovery Chain is a learning game concept which transforms key concepts into a set of playing cards. The goal of the game is to create a chain of cards that adds up to specific goal (for example, 1,000 mg of calcium), and the first player to get rid of his or her cards wins. Discovery Chain is made more interesting by penalties, visual appeal, and cards that alter the chain (such as a Lactose Intolerance card), that must be neutralized (i.e. a Lactase card). The cards can also be used for other game formats (Matching, Spoons, etc.).
Development Stage
Two game applications have been developed:
  • Calcium and Bone Health
  • Healthy Weight Management
Allan Wood
Commercialization Associate
Technology Commercialization Office
(435) 797-2515
Reference: W09038