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Cultures Around the World- Cultural Diversity Education

The promotion of cultural diversity has become one of the most pressing contemporary issues, according to the UNESCO’s Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity. Neighborhoods and communities, today more than ever, contain a complex mix of cultures, races, religions, and languages. Addressing the increasingly critical need, a professor at Utah State University has developed a program to educate youth and others about cultural diversity in an informative and exciting way. Cultures Around the World features completely original materials developed from on-site visits by the developer, bringing to life exciting cultures and customs from all over the world. Countries are presented in a unique format by teaching a specific country’s history, culture, food, music, dance, language, religion, and modern issues. Considering the highly positive response from youth educators in afterschool programs, senior citizen centers, and others, Utah State University is pursuing licensing opportunities for this program.
Features and Benefits
  • Youth educators
    • Afterschool programs
    • School teachers
    • 4-H leaders
    • Boy and Girl Scouts
    • Other youth programs
  • Senior citizen centers
  • Foreign exchange students
  • Travel/Tourism
    • Travel agency value-add
    • Airline value-add
    • Travel log organizations
  • Cultural events, such as fairs
  • User-friendly CD format contains presentations, handicraft instructions, language guides, and resource guides, maximizing value for educators
  • Anyone can present or enjoy in a fun and exciting way, maximizing usage among educators and others
  • Cultural diversity education focus, resulting in increased sensitivity to ethnic groups in US/abroad and better global citizens
The Cultures Around the World program consists of CDs designed to educate youth and others about countries all around the globe. Each CD contains an hour long PowerPoint presentation and PDF files containing language, recourse, and handicraft guides. The program can be easily presented to a group (such as a class ) or enjoyed by individual users. The program contains original materials, reflecting on-site visits by the developer. It is currently used in an educational setting. 
Development Stage
CDs developed for 8 countries, and up to 15 more are expected in the future. The material in each CD goes through a peer-review process before it is released. Available as Individual Country CDs or Combined Country CDs (4 countries around the globe).
Allan Wood
Commercialization Associate
Technology Commercialization Office
(435) 797-2515
Reference: W06029