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Echo Cancellation Filter– Audio Feedback Reduction

In 2007, the gross domestic product for the U.S. communications and technology sector was $13 trillion. This is a rapidly changing industry with a heavy dependence on new technologies. A Utah State University researcher has developed a new method for eliminating unwanted speaker feedback. This technology recognizes the desired sound while eliminating unwanted echoes, allowing for clearer un-interrupted communication. Echo Cancellation makes the possibility of integrating a microphone into a sound system a reality by recognizing the command voice while ignoring sound permeating from the sound system itself. This new technology permits innovation such as voice controllable television and other similar applications. Utah State University seeks a company interested in licensing The Echo Cancellation Filter, enabling a significant opportunity to capture market share through innovation in the competitive telecommunication technology sector.
Features and Benefits
  • Voice controllable television and other smart home devices
  • Automated emergency distress signaling
  • VoIP
  • Hearing aids
  • Speaker phone systems
  • Adaptable filter, allowing for recognition of desired sound and elimination of unwanted echoes
  • Cutting edge technology, allowing for large market share and profits
  • Proven technology, enabling quicker time to market
The Echo Cancellation Filter technology includes an adaptable filter that is updated during double-talk and far-end talk. The Echo Cancellation Filter receives a microphone signal that includes a near-end signal and echoes resulting from a far-end signal. This eliminates the far-end signal and organizes the microphone signal allowing for echo-free sound.
Development Stage
Commercially ready models have been developed.
U.S. patents issued:
  • US6996229 B2
  • US6954530 B2

Glenn Whichard
Senior Commercialization Associate
Physical Sciences
(435) 797-9604
Reference: W03019