Forms & Agreements

IP Services works directly with faculty, staff and students protect intellectual property. In the process, they help all respective parties sign the appropriate documentation for legal protection. This section will describe what some of those documents are, what kinds of agreements are necessary for legal protection, and how to disclose confidential information to Intellectual Property Services.

Technology Notification Forms

Inventors can electronically submit a technology notification form. This is not a complete disclosure or contract with Intellectual Property Services. It is a preliminary notification to alert IP managers of a potential invention.

Inventors are encouraged to submit disclosures using the USU Inventor Portal.

Confidential Disclosure

The Confidential Disclosure Agreement is the full disclosure of an idea or concept to Intellectual Property Services.

This document protects the invention and signals the inventor's desire to work with IP Services to commercialize the innovation. This form is usually filled out with an IP manager.

Employee and Student Assignment of Ownership and Non-Disclosure Agreement

Please contact IP Services to ensure that this Agreement addresses the needs of the research project to be undertaken.