Inventor Portal

USU/USURF faculty members, staff and students may disclose inventions using the USU/USURF Inventor Portal. The electronic portal enables inventors to view the status of inventions--without ever leaving the laboratory. 

The Portal is accessible through your USU A# login and gives each inventor the ability to do the following activities:

Download step-by-step instructions to access the new USU/USURF Inventor Portal.



  •  Complete and submit invention disclosures online
  •  Check the status of your submitted invention disclosures
  •  Check the status of all patent applications on which you are listed as an inventor
  •  Check marketing contacts associated with each of your inventions

Note: To access your account, use your A# and complete the “password retrieval.” 

You may contact IPSO at 435-797-9603 with any technical questions or to set up a training for your college or department.